Monday, November 28, 2016

Disney Emoji Blitz

I only play two games on a regular basis (regular meaning almost every hour): Tiny Tower and Disney Emoji Blitz. Tiny Tower is a community-based game where the main objective is to build a high tower with many floors. You do this by earning money, managing commercial floors, improving the skills of the bitizens (that's what they call the citizens), and help other players hire their much-needed bitizens. There's a whole community of Tiny Tower players that are organized in helping each other on reddit. The other game that I am addicted to is Disney Emoji Blitz. It's probably patterned to the rules of Bejewelled, where you switch the position of the items to form a set of 3s, 4s, 5s, L-shaped, or T-shaped patterns to clear a row or column. But instead of clearing gems, you clear the cute emoji faces of Disney Characters. Ever since I downloaded it months ago, I've been hooked ever since. The game updates every now and then to have special challenges where you can win coins or special emojis. There are also regular challenges and emojis that not only give you coins, but also emojis that you can use for the Disney keyboard (though I rarely use the iMessage function of my iPad so I'm just here for the challenges). I've discovered a couple of tips and tricks that might be helpful for other players who are as addicted as me. 1. Pop the balloons. If you see the balloons floating up the screen after the score reveal, tap on them. You get extra coins for every balloon popped. You'll need the coins in saving up for the silver and gold emojis. 2. Fozzie Bear is my best emoji if I need a high score. I have two most hated missions: a two-star combo in one game, and beating my current high score. My score was at 3.6 million when I had my latest mission to beat my high score and Fozzie Bear did it for me. Now my current high score is somewhere above 4 million and I hope I don't get that mission again because I do not know how many hearts I will waste just to beat that. 3. Play currently. Lives max out at 5 (unless you get an extra 3 lives during the daily free spin) so you can't stock up on lives for unlimited play. I usually use up all 5 lives in one go, then close the game to go on with my real life for around 30 minutes to an hour. When I feel like procrastinating again and I check the game, my lives have replenished and I could play again. Before I would impatiently watch the countdown tick until I get another life, but I end up having no progress with my real life aka work. 4. Don't waste gems. Gems may be used to add a few seconds in a finished game or to swap a mission you think is impossible to accomplish. Don't use your gems when time has run out and you're close to accomplishing a mission. It is not worth 20 gems. Gems are difficult to earn (unless you're the type who'd spend actual money for gems) so keep them for more important purposes. I usually spend gems when I have to complete a mission with a particular emoji and I still do not have it. I digress for a bit. I hope there is an option to get an emoji or upgrade an emoji. I've spent loads and loads of coins to get an emoji, but all I get is an upgrade of existing emojis. I just want a new emoji. *sobs* 5. Choose the daily challenges to get gems. In relation to the previous point, one sure way to get 5-10 gems instantly is to play the daily challenges. If you click on the daily challenges tab and check on the easy, moderate, and difficult games, it'll show what kind of reward you'll get for completing a challenge. Most of the time it's coins, but sometimes gems are the reward. So be sure to do that Don't do daily challenges that often. Unless you need coins or if a mission tells you so, better skip the daily challenges. The items that you get from daily challenges are not recognized for the emoji keyboard challenge. 6. Watch ads. When you're playing and your wifi is turned on, you may get a free spin when you watch an ad. That's like additional 2 ads per day. I hope Disney Emoji Blitz allows login on other social media platforms other than Facebook. I know that logging on to Facebook will tap into the contact list so that friends can give lives, but I can't do that because I deactivated my Facebook long time ago. That's it for now. I'll add as soon as I discover or remember other tips.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Writing Challenge #2: 7 days (2)

This entry has been sitting for weeks in my mini, and I just realized that I haven't posted it.

Challenge: Imagine you're unable to leave a room for the next 7 days. Chronicle each of the days, using a maximum of 100 words for each day.


Day 2
Strapped, still, but with progress in obtaining my freedom.

Typing / each word down is like picking a lock. I need / to the right hook and twist in order to secure / the winning combination. One wrong move, and it's back to square / one. Sometimes, when luck is on my side, I just / have to retrace my steps and correct the mistakes that / I have made. But there are times that I have / to reset, take everything from the beginning, and start all / over again.

I have faith that I will complete my / mission in time. [93 words]

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Writing Challenge #2: 7 days (1)

Challenge: Imagine you're unable to leave a room for the next 7 days. Chronicle each of the days, using a maximum of 100 words for each day.


Day 1

The door is just a few feet away, just / within reach, if I wanted to. But I can't. My / body is strapped to the chair, arms glued to the / table, with only my fingers mobile. I am told that / what I do with my fingers may be the key / to my freedom.


One by one, memories are sucked / out of me, as I translate them into words and / type them down, filling the big screen in front of / me.


My fingers trample on the keys, like a / pack of wolves hunting and running after their prey. / Am I the predator or the prey? [107 words]

Friday, January 29, 2016


Change is inevitable.

Some people embrace it and some people hide from it.

Making decisions are not my best skill. I am deathly afraid of altering my life the wrong way, that once I am faced with that opportunity I freeze.

I am not sure what path I will take but I will make sure that it is one worth living.

The question now is, do I embrace change or do I hide? 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Writing Challenge #1: Her Smile Wasn't Real (working draft)

Ok I finally decided on a short story to work on wih the first writing prompt.

Imagine having to put on a winning smile every time you go into an audition. That's how the story will go. I think this would be better in script style -- like for a short film, But since I don't know the exact formal of scripts for movie/tv (I only know the format for theater plays), I'll just give an idea on how it will look like.

So the first shot starts off on the typewriter or a computer screen and it'll type out the prompt.

Cut to

A close up shot of a girl, smiling her best smile. She'll say her lines and introduce herself -- name and a short description. Zoom out to her practicing in front of a mirror before she is called for her turn.

She walks down the hallway, passing other girls, also with their 'fake smiles' until she is ushered to the audition room. She is oriented that the audition is for a commercial and she has to do this and that.

Cut to

A couple of shots of the girl saying her scripted introduction, but her clothes and her background change, to show that she is auditioning numerous times. Shots of the panel can be optional, especially when the changing shots are done and she is told that she didn't get the part.

There can also be a shot that slowly she loses her smile when she loses hope. And by the last audition, the fake smile is too obvious.

Until she is asked to talk about her feelings and she pours out her raw emotions.

Cut to

The girl is in her room, facing the mirror, trying to get that perfect fake smile back. Her phone rings, she picks it up, and she smiles a genuine happy smile.

And it ends there.

Yay, a semi-accomplished challenge! Lol I never can do a 15-minute nonstop writing after a prompt. It takes time for me to think and I so have to make an outline or a guide before going into the actual writing. Now that I have an idea on how it'll go, i can now put them together for a complete story.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Movie Review: #WalangForever

Photo from Wikipedia

I always try to find one good movie in our annual Metro Manila Film Festival and this year I chose #WalangForever. It looked the most appealing out of all the entries.

#WalangForever and last year's entry English Only Please share the same director, writer and lead actress. I loved Jennylyn's acting in EOP so I had to watch #WF. 

Possible spoilers under the cut. Beware.

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